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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What Victorian Infants were fed. The Mellins Food Method of Percentage Feeding published in 1908 available to download Free. Food Timeline-19th and 20th Century Infants Food. Cook It-Victorian (and earlier and later) Cooking. Picture Galleries and more. NWKFHS meetings and talks.

What Victorian Babies and Children were fed.

If you are interested in more details about your ancestors, how they lived, what they did and where then you might be interested  in the following that will help you round out more about their life:

Mellin's Food for Infants and Invalids. We have been running a series about the photographs sent to Mellin's Marlboro' Works, Peckham, London in the 1890's by parents endorsing the food. They were placed in many publications and besides providing photographs of the infants gave the name and address of parents. They give a good idea of what was available for infants, for those who could afford it.

Victorian Baby Food gives some more example of the Adverts with photographs and will take you to other pages detailing Medicines and Cures that were used by Doctors and sold over the counter at Chemists.

The Mellins Food Method of Percentage Feeding published in 1908 available to download Free.

In 1902 Mellin's loyalties for the use of the products or services of the business were purchased and marketed in America. At The Mellins Food Method of Percentage Feeding you can download (various formats, PDF, Kindle, Text) or read on the web courtesy of Google and the Columbia University Libraries the Book published in America in 1908 which gives full details of the food and how it was used.

Food Timeline-19th and 20th Century Infants Food.

Food Timeline is another good site for information about infants food in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Cook It-Victorian (and earlier and later) Cooking. Picture Galleries and more.

Cook It is a site worthwhile looking at. It covers all aspects of Victorian Cooking and contains many picture galleries you can look through, covering such subjects as Food and Drink, Health and Welfare, Family, Home and Leisure and many more. The site also covers other eras.

NWKFHS meetings and talks.

The Dartford Branch of the Society has the following talks:

3 Mar 2012 Norman Hopkins The Huguenots in Kent (with a brief reference to links with London)
7 Apr 2012 Meryl Catty & Audrey Gillett An Enumerator's Tale & Annual Meeting.
5 May 2012 Pauline Watson Greenwich Heritage Centre and its resources

Meetings are free to members, Visitors are asked for a donation to the Society. Further details can be found at NWKFHS Meetings Visitors are asked to check the site before travelling to the meeting in case of any changes due to weather etc.

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