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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Kent Hearth Tax 1664, free to download PDF file. Hearth Tax online-Monthly random Hearth Tax transcriptions. Kent Hearth Tax Assement Lady Day 1664. Production and Comsumption in English Households 1600-1750.British History online: City of London 1662 Hearth Tax Free Index of names and locations.

Kent Hearth Tax 1664.

The Hearth Tax was in force between 1662 and 1689. Evey householder was required to pay a tax  according to the number of hearths in their dwelling. List were compiled of householders with the number of their hearths according to county.

These list have become an important resource not only for historians but also for Family Historians. Not only those required to pay the tax were listed, but those who were exempted because they were poor. Women, normally widows, were also included. It is the nearest to a census that exists, though only the name of the householder  was recorded.

At Kent Hearth Tax 1664 you can download a pdf transcription of the returns compiled by Duncan Harrington in 1999.

Hearth Tax online.

Hearth Tax online  is run and maintained by the Centre for Hearth Tax Research, based at Roehampton University London, supported by The British Academy. Is also worth looking at. Monthly random Hearth Tax  transcriptions are placed on the site. They can be anywhere in the country, Kent, Essex and so forth.

Kent Hearth Tax Assement Lady Day 1664.

If you are interested in what the Hearth Tax returns can tell us about our ancestors, their neighbours, the area they lived in  then you can download and read the Kent Hearth Tax Assement Lady Day 1664 produced by the Roehampton Hearth Tax Centre and the British Record Society Ltd. It is a detailed assement and breakdown of the information that can be gathered from the records. It can be found at Kent Hearth Tax Assement

Production and Comsumption in English Households 1600-1750.

This book, Published by Routledge can be read on line via Google Books. It will give you a lot of information about what the Hearth Tax and many other records can tell you about life during this period. I has a lot of information about Kent. Production and Comsumption 1600-1750

The following, though not Kent, Hearth Tax Indexes/Transcripts might be of interestest (seeing that some of our ancestors in Kent originated in other counties.

Shalfleet Local and Family History Sources has an index of householders of the 1664 Hearth Tax for Shalfleet, Isle of Wight.

1662 Hearth Tax Returns for Ploughley, Oxfordshire

British History online: 1662 City of London Hearth Tax Free Index of names and locations.

I have found some of my 'Kent' ancestors and families in the Hearth Tax records of the city of London, so it is alway worth a look. The indexes at  London Hearth Tax: City of London, 1662 are free to view and search.

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