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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Final, missing column of data from the 1911 census has now been released. Mapping the London Blitz, including some of the former Kent Parishes that became part of the LCC. Continuing with The Royal Academy Pictures-a supplement to The Magazine of Art (founded in 1838) 1893 Edition (Part 1). Lucy Birch Blick born Dec1890-Rugby, Warwickshire.

Missing Column Data for 1911 Census is Now Released.

The final, missing column of data from the 1911 census, which details individuals’ infirmities has now been released. This information has been closed until now due to data protection regulations.

Mapping the London Blitz.

The London Metropolitan Archives has extended it exhibition until March 2012. The exhibition is based on a series of bomb damage maps, created by the London County Council (LCC) that documented the destruction caused by  enemy fire.  Plotted, building by building, these maps use a colour code to show the extent of the damage. They cover the 117 square miles for which they were responsible. This includes some of the former Kent locations that became part of the LCC. Details can be found at Mapping the Blitz

Continuing with The Royal Academy Pictures-a supplement to The Magazine of Art (founded in 1838) 1893 Edition (Part 1). Lucy Birch Blick born Dec 1890-Rugby, Warwickshire. 

Lucy Birch Blick was the daughter of Alfred Tom F Blick and Harriet Birch. Her parents were married in 1890 in the Coventry Registration district and she was born in 1891 in Rugby, Warwickshire.

In 1891 she (Harriet) an Lucy were living with her mother Emma Birch at Dunchurch Road, Bilton, Rugby:

Emma Birch Head  55 abt 1836, Laundress, Trefonen Shropshire
Ann J Birch Daughter 28 abt 1863 Halton Cheshire
Arthur R Birch Son  26 abt 1865, School Master, Cucklington Cheshire 
Lucy Birch Daughter  24 abt 1867, Dress Maker, Stafford Staffordshire
Harriet Birch Daughter  22 abt 1869 , Laundress, Stafford Staffordshire
Lucy B Blick Granddaughter 3 months abt 1891 Bilton Warwickshire
Sarah J Evans Niece 17 abt 1874, Laundress, Goboven Shropshire
Mary E Evans Niece  14 abt 1877 Goboven Shropshire

Lucy's father was not with them at the time.

By 1901 the family had grown and they were living at Myrtle Cottage, Bilton: 

Alfred T F Blick. Electrical Machinist Driller, Head 35 abt 1866  Dunchurch, Warwickshire
Harriet Blick Wife 32 abt 1869  Stafford, Staffordshire
Lucy B Blick Daughter 10 abt 1891  Dunchurch, Warwickshire
Alfred T Blick Son 8 abt 1893  Bilton, Warwickshire
William Blick Son 4 abt 1897 Rugby, Warwickshire
Robert B Blick Son 2 abt 1899  Rugby, Warwickshire

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  1. 1. Lucy Birch Blick (Lucy) was born to Alfred T.F. Blick and Harriet on 13th December 1890 at Dunchurch. She married on 8th December 1920 Leslie Colman, a Gentleman's Outfitter of Loughborough and Rugby and had a son named Harley Colman. (Source, 1901 Census of Bilton Rugby and personal knowledge}. She died about 1975. She had been a schoolteacher. Grand-daughter Susan.