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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Lost Pubs in Kent. Daisy Margaret D Gentle born 1890, Stratford, Essex.J T Morris Wood's Hotel, Grahamstown, South Africa. 1890.

Lost Pubs Project.

If your ancestors or some of their family worked in a pub and you are looking for background information or photographs, especially if the pub has closed down maybe demolished you could try this site. Lost Pubs website. It has photographs of many Kent pubs that have been closed. Kent Lost Pubs

The Lost Pubs Projects also cover many other counties you can find the index at Lost Pubs Project

Continuing with The Royal Academy Pictures-a supplement to The Magazine of Art (founded in 1838) 1892 Edition (Part 4).

Published in Victorian Times it provided pictures of various artists, some of which illustrated the lives of 'ordinary' people. It also carried advertisements some of which included letters and in some instances photographs of family members. One such advertisement was for Mellin's Emulsion a food for "Delicate Children and Weakly Adults". The advert contained letters from users praising the product. The letters also contained the names and addresses of the writers plus photographs of the children who 'benefited' from the food. These letters and photographs came from all over the country and as far a field as Australia.

Daisy Margaret D Gentle born 1890, Stratford, Essex.

" 48, Louise Road, Water Lane, "Stratford, E. 1st Feb. 

Dear Sir, -I enclose you a photo of our baby girl, Dorothy Gentle, she having been fed on your Food for the last twelve months, being obliged to resort to the feeding bottle. I was recommended your Food by a friend of mine. The photo was taken when she was six months old, and I think you will see by the condition of the child it will speak well for its excellency. I have always persuaded my friends to use it, as am sure it cannot be too highly recommended for infants.
Yours faithfully,
To G. MELLlN, Esq."

Free BMD shows she was registered in the Dec quarter of 1890 as  Daisy Margaret D(orothy)  Gentle ref:  W. Ham  4a 25

The 1891 census shows the family living at 48 Louise Road, Stratford.

Augustus Gentle, Tailor, Head Male 22 abt 1869 Midhurst, Sussex
Louise Po Gentle Wife Female 22 abt 1869 Bow, London
Daisy Margaret Gentle Daughter Female 6 months old abt 1890 Stratford, Essex.

In 1901 the family were living at: All Saints Green, Norwich, Norfolk.
Augustus Gentle, Assistant Tailor, Head 32 abt 1869 Male Midhurst Sussex.
Daisy Gentle Wife 32 abt 1869 Female Bow Middlesex.
Dorothy Gentle Daughter 10 abt 1891 Female Strafford Essex.

In 1911 the family are listed as:

GENTLE, Augustus Head Married M 42 1869 Tailor Cutter Midhurst Sussex   
GENTLE, Louise Sarah Daisy Wife Married F 42 1869  Bow Middlesex
GENTLE, Daisy Dorothy Margaret Daughter Single F 20 1891 Cashier Stratford Essex 
Address: 2 Dunbar Road Forest Gate, Essex

Augustus Gentle married Louisa Sarah D(aisy) Ward in 1888 at Westham, Essex.    

Free BMD ref: Marriages Dec 1888  GENTLE  Augustus     W. Ham  4a 172   
WARD  Louisa Sarah D     W. Ham  4a 172

J T Morris Wood's Hotel, Grahamstown, South Africa. 1890.

"Wood's Hotel, Grahamstown, South Africa, 1st Dec., 1890.

G. MELLlN, Esq.
Dear Sir,-I have much pleasure in sending you the photo of my little son, who I believe would have died but for your Food, which was the only thing he could keep down for a long time, and now he is very strong and hearty. He Iives upon it yet; he is two years old now. We tried him without it a short time back, but it would not do, he had to have it again, and still lives on it.
Yours truly.
J. T. MORRIS."   

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