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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

British Libraries launch the Newspaper Archive. Marian Emily Crowden born 15 April 1888, Lewisham, Kent. Harold Bradley born 17 September 1888, Hackney. Roy Argyle Galloway born 1889 Brighton.

Victorian Magazines, newspapers and other publication are much in the news with the announcement that the British Libraries are launching  the Newspaper Archive on the Internet. See Search the Archive for Free.

It is not only in Newspapers that genealogical and other family history details can be found. Such information can be found in more obscure places within publications.

The Royal Academy Pictures-a supplement to The Magazine of Art (founded in 1838) published in Victorian Times provided pictures of various artists, some of which illustrated the lives of 'ordinary' people. It also carried advertisements some of which included letters and in some instances photographs of family members. One such advertisement was for Mellin's Emulsion a food for "Delicate Children and Weakly Adults". The advert contained letters from users praising the product. The letters also contained the names and addresses of the writers plus photographs of the children who 'benefited' from the food. These letters and photographs came from all over the country and as far a field as Australia.

The following are some examples from a private collection of the Magazine. Starting off with a girl who was born in Lewisham, Kent.

Royal Academy Pictures Part 4 1892.

Marian Emily Crowden born 1888, Lewisham, Kent. 

"12, Ennersdale Road , Lewisham, S.E.

Sir,-Enclosed please find photo of my baby; she is one year old. 9 months ago she was suffering with eczema, and was in such a weak state-one could count every bone-and was unable to hold up her head. My medical man almost gave her up, and ordered her other foods, but the child became weaker. Three days after giving your Food the child revived like a flower in water, and not a more healthy or stronger child can be found.           "Yours truly, E. CROWDEN."

The 1891 census. show the family at 6, Gurney Terrace, Northampton,  Northamptonshire.

CROWDEN, Chas T Head Married M 32 1859 Manager Of Engineering Works Halesworth Suffolk
CROWDEN, Emily Wife Married F 32 1859 Langley Middlesex Broom
CROWDEN, Nellie Daughter  F 4 1887  Lewisham Kent
CROWDEN, Marian A Daughter  F 3 1888  Lewisham Kent
PARR, Alice S Visitor Single F 29 1862 Lambeth Surrey

Free BMD shows that Marian was registered as Mariam Emily Crowden. Births Mar 1888 CROWDEN  Marian Emily  Lewisham  1d 1166   which is confirmed by Baptism record: Marion Emily Crowden Baptised 15 Apr 1888 Charles Thomas Crowden, Engineer, and Emily Crowden St Mary, Lewisham. Address 56 Ennersdale Road.

The writer of the letter was obviously her mother, Emily Crowden.

Harold Bradley born 2 Feb 1888, Hackney

"259 Dalston Lane Mare Street, Hackney.  Jan. 12, 1891.

Dear Sir, I am proud to hand you a photo of one of my children. This boy was eighteen months old when his photo was taken, and weighed 33lbs. He is very solid and rnuscular and not flabby like most big children. Has been brought up on MELLIN'S FOOD, and has always been the picture of health.-Yours truly, W. E, BRADLY".

The record of Baptism shows Harold Wilfred Bradley was Baptised on the 4 Nov 1888 and his parents were William Bradley, Licensed Victualler, and Lilian Bradley at Dalston St Mark, Hackney.  Address at Baptism 129 Kingsland Road. Date of Birth 17 Sept 1888. 

The 1891 census shows the family at 259, Dalston Lane, Hackney, London.

BRADLY, William Head Married M 28 1863 Licensed Victualler  London  
BRADLY, Lilian Wife Married F 23 1868  London 
BRADLY, Leonard Son  M 3 1888  London
BRADLY, Harold Son  M 2 1889  London  
BRADLY, Hilda Daughter  F 1 1890  London
BRADLY, Lilian Daughter  F 0 (2M) 1891  London
AUGUST, William Servant Single M 20 1871 Barman  London
BUNTING, Alice Servant Single F 24 1867 Barmaid  London
READ, Emily Servant Single F 20 1871 Barmaid  London
BEDWELL, Maria Servant Single F 24 1867 Cook Domestic Servant  London
PIGGOTT, Kate Servant Single F 22 1869 Nursemaid Domestic Servant  London

The writer of the letter was Harold's father, William Bradley.

Roy Argyle Galloway born 1889 Brighton.


5, Clifton Place, Brighton.  Feb. 1st, 1891 .

Dear Sir,-I have the pleasure to enclose the photo of our little one-Roy Argyle-at the age of 10 months. He has been brought up entirely on your Food, and is in perfect health, which proves its marvellous efficacy.
Sincerely yours, "ARGYLE GALLOWAY."

In 1891 the family were at 8 Lancaster Villas, Brighton

Thomas A Galloway, Commercial Traveller, Head Male 30 abt 1861 Islington London
Mary E Galloway Wife Female 23 abt 1868 Brighton Sussex
Roy C A Galloway Son Male 1 abt 1890 Brighton Sussex England

The father, Thomas Alfred Galloway, married Mary Edith Welling. Free BMD gives the following:

Marriages Dec 1888 
GALLOWAY  Thomas Alfred    Steyning  2b 571   
WELLING  Mary Edith     Steyning  2b 571   

Births Dec 1889  Galloway  Roy Argyle   Steyning  2b 292

In 1901 the family were at Young Croft, Montifiore Road, Brighton.

Thomas A Galloway Head 39 abt 1862, Wholesale Grocer, Male Islington London
Mary E Galloway Wife 32 abt 1869 Female Brighton Sussex
Roy A Galloway Son 11 abt 1890 Male Brighton Sussex
Alice Faircloth Servant 16 abt 1885 Female Smithfield London

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