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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Who's Who of Victorian Cinema. Dictonary of Victorian London. Victorian & Edwardian Photographs. C J Farlies photographers, Woolwich.1800-1845 Costume Fashion History- Regency to Romantic. New Family History TV series.

Who's Who of Victorian Cinema.

Cinema arrived in 1895 by the end of 1896 it had spread worldwide. By 1900 it  firmly established fortunes for some and reputations were made by many. It was also to have a profound impact on our ancestors lives, an impact that continues to this day..

This website is a biographical guide to the world of Victorian film. There are some 300 biographies involved with motion pictures. There are also photographs of early film cameras and projectors. If you are interested in the cinema and how it impacted on our ancestors it is a site worthwhile looking at. Who's Who of Victorian Cinema

Dictionary of Victorian London.

If you have not found this site yet it is one that you should explore.It has information on about every aspect of Victorian life from fashion and clothes, advertising, food, finance, professions, transport, housing, education and weather. It is almost a case of you name it is there.

There are many original adverts of the day and photographs Cartes de Viste, Dageurreotyype  The Victorian Dictionary

Victorian and Edwardian Photographs.

At Victorian & Edwardian Photographs from The Roger Vaughan Collection and Visitors Photographs.  This site can aid you in dating photographs and there is an alphabetical list of photographers throughout the country.

An example of what can be found for the former Kent Boroughs, now in London can be found at The Photographic Studio of C.J.Farlie and his Family which was located at Wellington Street, Woolwich.

If you are interested in what your Regency ancestors may have wore then 1800-1845 Costume Fashion History- Regency to Romantic will give you a lot of information.

New Family History TV series.

Find My Past has launched a new 10-part TV series starting on 20 October 2011 at 9pm on the Yesterday channel: Freeview channel 12, Sky 537, Virgin Media 203. Chris Hollins of BBC Breakfast, Watchdog and winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2009 presents the show.

Each week three members of the public are helped to discover how they are related to someone from a significant historical event. Three of the episodes focus on significant events in WWII: Dunkirk, Battle of Britain and D-Day. An online collection of photos to honour our heroes is being built and you can share photos of your ancestors who were connected in any way to Dunkirk, Battle of Britain and D-Day  This feature will be available very soon on the Find My Past  Facebook page.

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