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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ever thought of volunteering to help with Family History projects? The Royal Artillery Museum-Volunteers needed for Milittary Oral History Project. North West Kent Family History Society Projects. A Kent Stray, Florence Lily, nee Ward, Morrison born 1895 Plumstead, Kent.

Ever thought of volunteering to help with Family History projects?

Volunteers are important in helping to preserve records and make the information available to the wider community. The Commercial Pay per View sites have helped to make more records (at a cost) available, but long before they were on the scene records were being transcribed and information preserved by Family/Local History Societies. The 1881 census for Great Britain was a joint effort between Family History Societies, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) and others that was made to make the information available to all.

Family History Society Volunteers are still working away on many projects, Parish Registers and many other records. By  volunteering not only are you helping fellow Family Historians you are helping to ensure that records are preserved and available to all.

As an individual you can pick up many skills that will help you in your research, reading old handwriting, where and how to look for information and if a project covers a place that you are researching it gives you the opportunity to look at the primary sources.

There are many ways you can help from indexing and checking work carried out to editing. You can help with recording Memorial Inscriptions at Churches, which may disappear in a few years. You can work at home, or with others at various locations. More and more Museum's,  Record Offices/Archives rely on Volunteers and are publicly asking for help. 

The Royal Artillery Museum-Volunteers needed for Military Oral History Project.

Volunteers are needed to work on "an oral history project funded by an award of £48,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Firepower, The Royal Artillery Museum, based in Woolwich, south-east London, wants to hear from volunteers who would like to help carry out the interviews for the project. Entitled Fighting Talk, the project will gather and preserve the memories of men and women who have served in the Royal Artillery, as well as their families, from the immediate post-Second World War period to the present day. Training will include interviewing techniques, operation of recording equipment, transcribing of interviews and cataloguing".

For more information on how to become a Fighting Talk volunteer email Nigel Clifton or visit the Museum website Firepower, The Royal Artillery Museum

North West Kent Family History Society Projects.

Since 1978 NWKFHS has been indexing, transcribing various records and publishing copies of original registers. Some are free to view on the Society Website Free Data sets 

Many such records are available to purchase at Publications any money that is earned is put back into enabling further records to be, indexed, transcribed or filmed and published. All of this work is carried out by volunteers. Some working from home others at the Society Library or at Churchyards etc recording information that may disappear or become lost in the future.

The Society would like to encourage more people to become involved in the many projects being carried out.  If you are interested in helping with NWKFHS projects further information can be found at Current Projects or you can e-mail the Projects Coordinator

Florence Lily, nee Ward, Morrison born 1895 Plumstead, Kent.

From time to time members of our and other Societies alert us to a person who was original from Kent but has been found located out of the County or even the Country.

Florence Lily, nee Ward, Morrison died in Saskatoon on 17 May 1986. She was the wife of George Wellington Morrison and came to Canada as a WWI War Bride.

Florence Lily Ward was Baptised 7 July 1895 at St Margaret, Plumstead  the daughter of Thomas William Ward, a Labourer, and Emily Elizabeth Ward. At the time they lived at 74 Villas Road. She married George Wellington Morrison in 1917 at Woolwich.

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