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Thursday, 6 October 2011

National Archives at Kew-Volunteers are needed to sort WWI War Diaries. Historical Manuscripts from Auction & Booksellers Catalogues. Kent and other Counties.

National Archives at Kew-Volunteers are needed.

Do you live within traveling distance of The National Archives at Kew and can spare a few hours of time? if so the TNA is looking for volunteers to help sort and re-order the pages within unit war diaries from the First World War, catalogue reference WO 95 are in the correct order before a conservation and digitisation project begins.

The work involves handling original documents  at The National Archives in Kew.  you don’t need to be familiar with the series to volunteer as training and supervision will be provided. All volunteers will have to pass basic security clearance, and basic travel expenses are available.

If you can help and wish further details you can email TNA or look at the TNA Website

Historical Manuscripts from Auction & Booksellers Catalogues. Kent and other Counties.

An interesting and useful site which is always worth checking to see if there are any of your ancestors named. A Family History site of the Durtnals it also has a section dealing with  documents that are indentures or other property related documents such as conveyances, mortgages, leases etc. Other documents include wills, bibles, letters, commonplace books etc. Many counties are covered, including Kent. An example of what can be found:

1634 P226 15 Dec 1634. Letters Patent of pardon for the trespass committed by William Lane and Faith his wife in acquiring from Thomas Browne gentleman and John Browne his son and heir apparent (by indenture dated 12 Dec., 1 Charles I) a messuage called Chauntry House in Horton Kirby, co. Kent, and a close of land containing 2 acres abutting on the said messuage towards the west and lying next the king’s highway leading from the said messuage towards Kingsdowne on the north, which premises are held in soccage in chief, without first obtaining the knight’s licence. Westminster, 15 Dec., 10 Charles I. Great Seal of Charles I (broken and repaired). Endorsed with a note of enrolment on the Memoranda Roll of the Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer amongst the Recorda of Easter term 11 Charles I. “ A pardon of alienation for William Lane.” £7/10/- Lane Browne.

The webmaster or the site do not own or sell the documents themselves and that in most cases they will have long since been sold. The information has been placed on the site to freely help others in their research. Historical Manuscripts

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