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Friday, 1 July 2011

The Weald of Kent, Genealogy, Photographs, Maps, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Kent Stray. Meopham, Kent, Historical Society. Lionel Gordon Inwood, Chatham, Ontario born Greenwich, Kent, England. Coal Posts ('Coal and Wine Tax Posts'). Bromley, Orpington, Kent. The Serving Soldier-Boer War, Gallipoli etc accounts and photographs.

The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

"This site catalogues the people, places, maps, drawings, engravings, books, writings and numerous lists and directories... into an integrated database of information about one of the most attractive parts of England - The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex".

It is certainly worth a visit, some of the NW Kent area is covered, Brasted, Edenbridge, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Wrotham etc. The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex   

On the site at  family Records there are many family trees and other genealogical information on families. There are innumerable photographs from the Victorian/Edwardian times of many of the villages and towns at Photographs There are copies of Hasted's  The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent for various villages amongst other information in the Documents section, plus maps, some dating from the 1700's of the Weald.  

Meopham Historical Society.

The Meopham Historical Society If your ancestors were from or lived in Meopham, this is a good place to start looking for details about the village. At Display Panels there are photographs and details of various people and places in Meopham's history. There is an historical chronology of Meopham and contains not only the history and development of the village but also some details on some of the prominent people of the village from Victorian times. At Photo Index there are many photographs from various periods of time.

Kent Stray. Lionel Gordon Inwood, Chatham, Ontario born Greenwich, Kent, England. 

Inwood, Lionel Gordon of Chatham (Ontario) passed away... January 5, 2000. Born in Greenwich, England, 85 years ago, son of the late Charles John Inwood and Gertrude Elizabeth Hilling. Mr. Inwood came to Canada in 1928... His wife the former Norma Weir predeceased in 1990... Predeceased by one brother Eric.

Lionel's parents Charles John Inwood and Gertrude Elizabeth Hilling Married at St Jude, Peckham, Southwark on 24th July 1909. The addresses given at the time were 95 Clifton Crescent, Camberwell for John and 7 Kings Road, Peckham for Gertrude. Lionel was born in 1914.

The 1911 Census shows the following details:

Leylang Road New Cross
INWOOD, Charles Head Married M 25 1886 Warehouseman And Salesman Rotherhithe Surrey   
INWOOD, Gertrude Wife Married 1 years F 22 1889  Bermondsey Surrey
INWOOD, Eric Son  M 0 (8 MONTHS) 1911  Deptford Surrey.

Coal Posts ('Coal and Wine Tax Posts'). Bromley, Orpington, Kent.

A fascinating survival from the 1860's and earlier. These were at one time a familiar site to our ancestors around London and NW Kent and other surrounding counties.

The posts set up under the London Coal and Wine Duties Continuance Act, 1861, though some were set up under earlier Acts. The City of London had  the right of 'metage' (measuring) of coal and other commodities such as wine since medieval times  The City was  permitted to set up a Boundary Stone  where any turnpike road, public highway, railway or canal entered the District where taxes were payable on goods coming into the city.

The surviving boundary stones define the London district after it was changed in 1861. Most of the posts were erected by the sides of roads, but little coal  came into London by road or canal most being brought into London by sea. It was not until later in the nineteenth century that the railways became the most important means of transporting coal.  At Coal Posts Bromley, Kent There are photographs of 23 surviving posts and at City of London Coal Posts there is a list of the location of 211 Posts.

The Serving Soldier.

If you have not visited this site yet and you have ancestors or family who served in the British armed forces it will provide a wealth of photographs and accounts. There are many photographs of daily life for the soldiers at Gallipoli, accounts of those involved in the Boer War, for example an  album belonging to Emily Seabroke Cooper who served in Imperial Yeomanry Hospital Deelfontein and at MacKenzies Farm, Maitland Camp, Capetown, during the Second Boer War.

There is a collection of letters from Arthur Bryant to his parents which describes his experiences as a Royal Flying Corps trainee in Shoreham in Sussex during 1918. A scrapbook of naval surgeon Basil Alderson in 1938.  There is much more to browse at the Serving Soldier 

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