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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Victorian and Edwardian Photo's Chislehurst, Kent. Plaxtol Local History Group. Higham Village History Group. British Library Archival Sound recordings. East London Theatre Archive (ELTA). England, Wales, Ireland Online Historical Population Reports.

Both Family and Local History Societies provide a lot of information that can give details not only about people and families who lived in an area but also about the place that our ancestors lived. What work there was, how they lived, what entertainment was available to them. Many have photographs of the locality, the houses and buildings, farming and other occupations. Nearly all free to view and put to together by volunteers. They also often provide publications that provide in depth information for a low cost.

Chislehurst Society.

At The Chislehurst Society- Chislehurst Images there are photographs of Chislehurst and surrounding areas. There are also histories of the various places. The photographs date from Victorian and Edwardian times until the 1950's.

Plaxtol Local History Group.

This site has many Victorian/Edwardian photographs of Plaxtol. They show the houses, businesses, people, Schools and Churches. There are also details of the projects carried out by the Group and publications that are are available. Plaxtol History

Higham Village History Group.

The Higham Village History Group site offers a lot of information and Edwardian and later photographs. It has a meetings archive which gives a synopsis of the talks given at the meetings which goes back to 2003.  There is a profile of the parish church, St Mary, which has photographs and a history of the church. 

British Library Archival Sound recordings.

There are some 24,200 items that can be listened to on this site. You can browse and search for recordings made by people about oral history, accents and dialects and many other recordings. There are people in the 1950's who were recording about their life or homes at the turn of the century. Though the recordings cover the whole country there are many concerning Kent. To give an example there is a 1952 recording  "Farningham, Kent: Sidney talks about his work as a blacksmith and names a number of tools of his trade."  Archival Sound Recordings.

East London Theatre Archive (ELTA)

Though these theatres are not in the NWK area, however, there is one at North Woolwich,  the theatre played an important part in many peoples lives.  This site provides a database of East London theatre ephemera provided by the V & A Theatre Collections, East London theatres and UEL archives.

The collection ranges from 1827 to the present day, including playbills and programmes to press cuttings and photographs. You can search or browse the collections East London Theatre Archive

Online Historical Population Reports.

If you are interested in the details of what the England and Wales and Ireland (Eire pre 1926) censuses were used for and the results, population figures, marriage and baptisms figures and much much more  then this site will give you it all. From the census of 1801 onwards .  

The site provides a detailed insight into the population of Britain in the 19th and early 20th centuries. There are statistics lists, data set, essays and reports. Online Historical Population Reports

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