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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Free to access British and Irish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. Free index of British Militia Service Records 1806-1915. The Orpington, Kent, History Site. Goudhurst, Kent, Local History Society. Goudhust Railway Station. Disused Stations site.

Free to access British and Irish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War.

The National Archives is making available the records of a list of over 4,000 British volunteers who joined the fight against fascism in Spain. There is also a roll of honour of those killed in action.

You can either browse all the records or search for an individual. The records are arranged alphabetically and you can request them to be downloaded through the normal check out on the site. The download of the requested files is free. Along with details of the records and their historic perspective the records can be found at  Documents Online

British Militia Service Records 1806-1915.

The National Archives in association with findmypast is releasing the records of over half a million men who served in the Militia between 1806-1915. The forerunner to the British Territorial Army, the Militia was a voluntary part-time force of working men from a wide range of professions. The Militia Attestation Papers in WO 96 were filled in at recruitment, providing unique descriptions of the recruits' personal appearance, and most were annotated with the date of discharge so that they form a record of service.
You can search a free index which gives Surname, first name, Year of birth and place of birth on findmypast at Militia Service Records you will have to pay if you wish to see further details.

Orpington  History.

The The Orpington History Site is one of the few places that can be found on the Internet that allows you to discover historical information about Orpington and its people. The site states "As far as we know there is not one single point (on the Internet) for people to explore the history of Orpington and its surrounding areas. Our objective and aim is to enable and embellish this site to achieve that objective". The site contains some illustrated articles about Orpington in the past and photographic galleries with photo's from the Victorian time onwards. There is also a time line guide which outlines the historical development of Orpington.

Goudhurst, Kent, Local History Society.

The site at Goudhurst, Kent LHS has a photo gallery of the Village dating from the Late Victorian times, there is also a history of the church with photographs.

At Goudhust Railway Station there are photographs of the station some dating from 1892 when it was first opened. They are on the Disused Stations site.  An invaluable site if you are looking for the Victorian/Edwardian railway stations that now no longer exist as stations  that your ancestors may have used or worked at.  

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