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Sunday, 18 August 2013

NWKFHS Research Service. Handwriting (Palaeography) 1500 - 1800. Free National Archives online tutorial. NCOs of the 3/18 London Regiment (London Irish Rifles)

Looking for ancestors or family in North West Kent? The Society offers to members and non-members a genealogical Research Service. Society volunteers are available to carry out research for members and non-members at a cost of £5.00 per hour. This service uses parish registers and other sources at the Society Library covering the north west Kent area. We cannot guarantee a result but we will do our best to answer your enquiry.
Full details can be found at NWKFHS Research You can now pay by Credit and Debit cards online at Genfair or Parish Chest. Just fill in the Research Request form downloadable from   NWKFHS Research return it by e-mail or post and only  pay an order for this service when requested to do so by an official of North West Kent FHS.
If you live outside the UK you can also join the Society or renew your membership by Credit Card at both Genfair or Parish Chest.
Handwriting (Palaeography) 1500 - 1800. Free National Archives online tutorial.
One of the problems many of us encounter when researching our family history is with old documents, wills, parish registers etc. The handwriting can be very difficult if not almost impossible to make out.
The National Archives has a practical online tutorial to help you read the handwriting in documents written in English between 1500 - 1800. It provides an  introduction to the basics of palaeography and offers a variety of documents, each with a transcript, on which you can practise your palaeographical skills. NA Tutorial
NWKFHS will be recognising  the Anniversary in various ways throughout 2014.  During the build up to August 2014 the Society will also publish on this blog items that may be of interest to those researching ancestors during the 1914-18 war.
NCOs of the 3/18 London Regiment (London Irish Rifles) from the Illustrated War News 6 October 1915. 


Back Row, left to right:

L-Cpl Reynolds, L-Cpl Smith, L-Cpl Spencer, L-Cpl Callendar, Sgt Purtell, Sgt Tynan, Sgt McKinley, Cpl Davies, Cpl Primmer, Cpl Coxon, Cpl Rust, Cpl Aygton, Cpl Hobbs, Cpl Stone, Cpl Page, L-Cpl Marsh, L-Cpl Penn, L-Cpl Chalmers, L-Cpl Holness, L-Cpl Burge, L-Cpl Barrett, L-Cpl White.

 3rd Row, left to right:

L-Cpl Fox, L-Cpl Percy, L-Cpl Sheen, L-Cpl Gardiner, Sgt Smith, Sgt Shubrook, Sqt Hammond, Sgt Evans, Sgt Johnson, Sgt Finglestone, Sgt Collins, Sgt Jenner, Sgt Morgan, Sgt-Instr Brocks, Sgt Farnfield, CQMS Coppinger, Sgt-Bugler Camps, L-Cpl Patrick, L_Cpl Taune, L-Cpl Menness.

2nd Row, left to right:

CQMS Massey, CSM Wood, Bandmaster J. Appleford, Major R.R. Kimmitt (Comdg Officer), Regt SM A.E. Holmes, Major R Curtis, Lieut and Adju. C.S. Hardy, CSM Pike, CQMS Riordan.

Front Row, left to right:

L-Cpl Patrick, L-Cpl Allsop, L-Cpl Hall, L-Cpl Lacey, L-Cpl Gatling, L-Cpl Dennis, L-Cpl O’Hillary, L-Cpl Qickenden, L-Cpl Clarke, L-Cpl Nethercoat, L-Cpl Stanger, L-Cpl Swales, L-Cpl Johnson, L-Cpl Gathergood, L-Cpl Phillips.

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