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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

NWKFHS Dartford Branch Talk 7 September 2013 - change of speaker. The 1921 Canadian census is now online. Queensland, Australia BMDs are now online. Officers of the 3/18 London Regiment (London Irish Rifles)

NWKFHS Dartford Branch Talk 7 September 2013 - change of speaker.
The speaker from the London Fire Brigade Museum  who was going to speak on the history of the London Fire Brigade cannot now make the meeting.  John Neal has agreed to speak at short notice on St Pancras & King's Cross - A history of the stations and the surrounding area.
The 1921 Canadian census is now online, though you will need an account with Ancestry.com to access it. You can search free if you set up a free account (though you will have to cancel it before any fees start to be payable. Details can be found at Canada's 1921 Census
Queensland Australia BMDs are now online and are free to search, fee payable if you order a certificate. They cover the period Births 1829-1914, Deaths 1829-1983 and Marriages 1829-1938. The index can be searched free, and will give you more information than those for England and Wales. For Instance Births will give you the full name of the father and the full name, including the Maiden name of the mother. The marriage index gives you the full names of  the Bride and Groom. Queensland historical index  
WWI Centenary. The Centenary of the start of WWI is now less than a year away.
NWKFHS will be recognising  the Anniversary in various ways throughout 2014.  During the build up to August 2014 the Society will also publish on this blog items that may be of interest to those researching ancestors during the 1914-18 war.
Officers of the 3/18 London Regiment (London Irish Rifles) from the Illustrated War News 6 October 1915. 

 The Officers Back row from left to right:

2nd Lt. H.A. Staples, 2nd Lt. H.B. Rowe, Lt. W.R. Staham, Lt. W.S. Carruthers, Lt. S.B. Mitchell, 2nd Lt. R.E.A. Mallet,   Lt. W.V. Thomas,  Lt. A.T. Tweddle, Lt. S.B. Skevington, LT. P.A.C. Maginn, Lt. F.H. Crawford, 2nd Lt. C.E. Norris, 2nd Lt. A Totton, 2nd Lt. S.E. Charlton.

Middle row:

Lt. and Qr-Mr. C.H.P. Higgins, Lt. J.K. Brownlees (RAMC), Capt. M. Barry O'Brien, Major R.W. Curtis, Major R.W. Curtis, Major R.R. Kimmitt, Lt. and Adjut.E. Hardy,    Capt. J.C. Harrison, Capt. E.N. Wanklyn, Capt. the Rev. R.M. Currwen (Chaplain).

Front Row:

2nd Lt. R.F.V. Mayle, 2nd Lt. R.V. Tivy, 2nd Lt. P.F. Keane, 2nd Lt. G.F. Lewis, 2nd Lt. G. O'Shiner, 2nd Lt. R.W. Moneypenny, 2nd Lt. S. Macbeth, 2nd Lt. J.P.H. Butcher, 2nd Lt. F. Clement.


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