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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

North West Kent Family History journals from 1978-2007 can now be viewed or downloaded Free

North West Kent Family History journals from 1978-2007 can now be viewed or downloaded Free in PDF format from the relevant listings pages.
As part of a major revamp of the NWKFHS website it was decided to add this free resource. Some 34 years of the journals published by the Society containing articles, research, indexes, photographs.
In 1984 a member wrote to the Editor of the Journal:

"In my opinion the North West Kent ,Journal is the most useful in that it consistently prints previously unpublished records from a number of sources, which would otherwise remain unknown to the general searcher. In the last issue of the Journal, for. example, there are lists of residents in the parishes of Downecentury. Browsing through all the past Journals since the foundation of the Society, I have noted many such valuable lists... In the past three years 16 lists have been published, including the Beckenham Census of 1821; Bromley Settlement Certificates; Chelsfield Tax returns of 1771; Cudham M.I's; and N.W.Kent Royalists in 1655. In just 12 Journals, the Society has published  details of 2,700 names covering the period 1450-1821".
Since then (1984) there has been another 28 years of further lists etc. In line with the Charitable aims of the Society to further the study of Family History the first 34 years of the Journal is being made available to all who are interested in the subject.
The Journals can be found at NWKFHS BACK JOURNALS  By clicking on the Contents page of each Journal you will be taken to an index of the contents and below this is the link to download the Journal. You are welcome to read the Journals for private research, they are still copyrighted by the Society and any enquiries about any other use must be made to the Journal Editor.  
Post 2007 Journals are not available to be downloaded, however, by using the index of the contents for the Journals upto 2012 you can order a copy of the any article for £1 plus postage. Details can be found at on the NWKFHS Back Journal link given above.
There are also other Datasets that can be searched for free at Searchable Datasets They include Land Deeds & Documents, Ladywell & Brockley Cemetery as well as On-line Articles.

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