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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Crayford. For much of its existence Crayford was a comparatively small village but by the late 1800's it started to grow. Then the Maxim Nordenfeldt Gun and Ammunition Company was formed in Crayford. A decade later Vickers of Birmingham came into the area eventually buying up Maxim Nordenfeldt. From then and into the WWI period Vickers grew and became a major centre of employment.
If you had ancestors and their families in this part of North West Kent then Crayford History is a site that is well worth having a look at. You will find photographs, history of the area including of Vickers. 
St. Mary Cray Paper Mill. If your ancestors or family were connected with the Paper Mill industry in St Mary Cray you might be interested in this down loadable pdf Bromley Borough Local History paper of the history of the Mill, including illustrations. St Mary Cray Paper Mill.
Kent Towns, Villages, and Public Houses. Is an interesting site which states "The idea of the Kent Villages site, is to correctly arrange the Pubs in Kent into a reasonable structure, following the variety of changes in Registration, e.g. Districts, Lathes, Hundreds, Parishes etc". There is a lot of information that can be found.  Kent Towns, Villages and Pubs
BBC WW2 Peoples Stories:
Between  2003 and 2006 the BBC asked people to contribute their memories of World War Two to a website . This archive of 47,000 stories and 15,000 images is the result. The stories cover the Country including Kent. It is an amazing site that is worth while looking at. 

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