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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Science Museum-Help to create a Gallery of your Ancestors. Free to search British Coastguards 1841-1901. Lighthouse Personnel in England, Wales and the Channel Islands, 1841-1910. Help to solve a Maritime mystery dating back to 1816.

Science Museum-Help to create a Gallery of your Ancestors.

Later this year the Science Museum is opening a temporary exhibition that will explore the relevance of their collections to family historians. They are looking for people who could help to develop it.

The Science Museum wants this part of the display to be a ‘co-creation’ with collaborators playing a big part in developing the content of the case. They would need contributing label text, helping select relevant objects from the Museums collections, but also bringing to the display personal objects, images and anecdotes relating to your ancestor’s work to really bring their story to life. They give some examples of what they are looking for:

Scientists and research workers, Communications workers – telegraphist, cable layer, messenger boy or postal worker, Medical workers, Miners, Manufacturing workers, Textile workers, Domestic servants – did they have to come to grips with the new ‘labour saving’ technologies?, Transport workers, Agriculture and food production workers.

Full details and how you could contribute can be found at Science Museum - help create a gallery of your Ancestors

Free to search British Coastguards 1841-1901.

The sea has always played an important part in the history and the life of people in Kent. Our Kentish ancestors can be found in various places in Kent and elsewhere in the country and abroad working either on vessels or in someway connected with the sea.

At British Coast Guards hosted on Genuki is a detailed index to coastguards found mainly in census records. This index was provided by Stan Waight and colleagues and is free to search. Listed in these records are men born or who served in Kent, plus details of any family. You can search by surname or browse the index.

Lighthouse Personnel in England, Wales and the Channel Islands, 1841-1910.

Also free to search at Lighthouse Keepers tables that have been produced in the course of the project are an alphabetical Table of Keepers and a Table of by county. They are accompanied by a Location map of the lighthouse stations by county. Once again where details are known the wives and children are also included. You will find people born and or serving in Kent amongst the records. These indexes have also been compiled by Stan Waight and colleagues and are on the Genuki site.

Help to solve a Maritime mystery dating back to 1816.

Though not connected with Kent the Norwegian Archives are appealing for help to solve a mystery.

The National Maritime Museum has passed on a plea for help by The Regional State Archives in Trondheim. They have a number of letters that were found, washed ashore in a box, at Orlandet, Norway. The box contained clothes and books, and had at one time been on board the British ship Mercator and belonged to John Lambeth and his son. Aside from what little information can be gleaned from the manuscripts themselves, nothing more is known about the Lambeth family or the Mercator.

At English Letters Mystery are full details, plus one major clue. an envelope with the address to John’s son Charles among the letters. Charles was in charge of John’s company back in London. His address in 1816 was 16 Britannia Street... full address can be seen on the original letter at Address on Letter

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