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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Derelict London. Revised opening hours for the London Metropolitan Archives. French Street Non-Conformist Cemetery MI's.

Derelict London.

An unusual but interesting site that may be of use in filling in the background of your family history. Though primarily dealing with London locations some former Kent areas, such as Woolwich and Greenwich are included.

The site is a photographic record of  derelict areas. 99% of these pictures were taken by Paul Talling during many miles of walkabouts around London. There are many categories with many photographs, e.g. Hospitals, Pubs, Waterways, Markets. Derelict London.com

Revised opening hours for the London Metropolitan Archives

Following the significant number of responses to our User Consultation, many of which expressed concern about the initial proposal to close on Saturdays, have announced that from 2012 The LMA is now planning to open the 2nd Saturday of each month, this will be reviewed after 12 months.

Due to major lift refurbishment works the last open Saturday in 2011 will be 22 October, preceding our stocktaking closure. The new Saturday opening schedule will therefore start in January 2012. From Monday 14 November 2011 (following our re-opening after stocktaking) there changes to the weekday openings. LMA will close on Fridays, but there will be an extra late night opening on Wednesdays (as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays) until 7.30 pm.

Full details can be found at City of London's Archives

New Project. French Street Non-Conformist Cemetery MI's.

Permission had been given to index this private burial ground with links to Bessels Green.  A plot plan has been prepared with an ordnance survey map comparison, MIs photographed and stones noted.  When completed the project will be published and available to purchase on  the NWK Family History Society Web site.

The details will be on the North West Kent Family History Society web site when the MI's will be available.

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