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Thursday, 26 May 2011

St George's House, Police Orphange. Milititary Indexes, Obits etc. at Officers Died and NCO's and Privates. North West Kent Family History Society AGM. Index of Paper makers of the British Isles. Brick makers Index.

St George's House Orphanage.

Though this site deals with  St George's, Northern Police Orphanage at Harrogate, Yorkshire,  from 1898-1956, and not Kent  I have included it because it has accounts of what life was like  for  children living  in an English Orphanage in the late 1800's and early to mid 1900's. If you had ancestors or family who were in an orphanage during this period it is worth a look.

It contains details of Staff and pupils at the Orphanage as well as photographs.  St George's House, Northern Police Orphanage.

Officers Died and NCO's and Privates

Two interconnected sites that hold an amazing amount of details about Officers, NCO's and other Ranks from the 1700's until 2003. It includes both the Army and Navy and contains details of men in many battles in North America, Peninsular Campaign, Waterloo, Crimea, India, The Boer War and the Afghan conflict up until 2009.

These sites have been around for a few years so you may have seen it. But if you have not and you have ancestors in the military or you are interested in the military it is worth looking at.

North West Kent Family History Society AGM.

Over 100 members attended the North West Kent Family History Society AGM at Sevenoaks, Kent.on Saturday 21st May. Among other activities the members heard talks from Bob Ogley (Author of In the Wake of the Hurricane about the Hurricane of 1987 and how it affected people in Kent)  on Kent in the 19th Century, A presentation by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and a presentation on the new Library and History Centre that is to open at  James Whatman Way, off Royal Engineer’s Road, Maidstone, Kent given by Stuart Bligh, Archives and Local History Service Manager.

Jean Stirk, the President of the Society decided to stand down after 9 years. Presentations were given by the Vice Presidents of the Society and by the Branches.  Jean Stirk is well known for her Index of Paper makers of the British Isles, which contains over 12000 entries British Association of Paper Historians 

David Cufley was elected President. David is an acknowledged authority on Brick makers Brick makers an extensive database of Brick makers and of people with connections to Brick makers.  David is also well known for his study of Ratcatchers and frequently gives talks on Ratcatchers, especially in Victorian times. 

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