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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Free Maps, allows you to create, customise, annotate and PDF your own maps. Surname Frequency in 1841-1901 censuses. THE REEL HISTORY OF BRITAIN Appeal for help

Find Free Maps

If you would like to use a map to illustrate or plot your family history  Free Maps allows you to  personalise your map and allows you to create, customise, annotate and PDF your own maps.

It is a very useful resouce and allows you to illustrate your family history with a map/maps and it is free. 

Surname Frequency in 1841-1901 censuses

At  Your Family History there is a very useful and interesting site. You can find out the frequency that your surname occurs in the Censuses from 1841 to 1901. It will also give you the most frequent forenames used for that surname. A vey useful guide to surname distribution from 1841-1901.

If there are variations to the surname you are researching you may need to search under the variation as well.


NEW 20 PART SERIES FOR BBC2. Presented by Melvyn Bragg. Liz Kempton, a researcher for BBC Entertainment Production North would like to hear from anyone who might be able to assist with a new series she is working on.

The programmes will focus on different aspects of British life in the twentieth century, told through the rare and unseen film archive of the British Film Institute and regional film archives. Episodes will focus on a different aspect of social history and will be filmed at a different location, where the programme makers will take their original 1960s mobile cinema. See Vintage Mobile Cinema
One of the episodes Liz is currently looking at is titled 'The Dawn of a New Era' and will look at the Mitchell & Kenyon films, as well as life in the years 1900-1914.  She would love to speak to anyone whose family memories have been passed down from this time. 

Please get in touch with Liz direct on either of the telephone numbers below with any information you are willing to share.  The following link also takes you to the press release which gives you a few more details about the series  Press Release
Any help would be much appreciated. Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone who you think may be interested

Liz Kempton
The Reel History Of Britain
BBC Entertainment Production North / Room 4041 / New Broadcasting House /

Oxford Road
/ Manchester / M60 7HB 
+44 (0) 161 244 3718 / +44 (0) 7791 622 443

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