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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Is this Mann one of yours? and WWII POWs

From time to time I find a photograph in an auction or some such place which is connected to Kent. In this case it is a photograph taken in Bronson, Michigan. On the back is inscribed "Charles Satherwaite Mann - Familly lived at 99 Church Lane Charlton".

Being curious I checked the 1901 census and at 99 Church Street there was the following:

Robert Mann, Head 53 born circa 1848 Lewisham Kent 
Ellen Mann ,Wife 49 born circa 1852  Ash Kent
Carrie Mann, Daughter 20 born circa 1881  Greenwich Kent 
Dudley Mann, Son 19 born circa 1882  Old Charlton Kent
Mildred Morfee, Stepdaughter 25 born circa 1876 Female New Cross Kent 
Edward Morfee, Stepson 23 born circa 1878 Ash, Kent

A check of Free BMD shows that Charles Sathertwaite Mann birth was registered Dec quarter 1873 at Greenwich. The 1881 census shows his parents as Robert and Lillette Mann.

19 Clarendon, Villas Robert Mann Head Married 33 abt 1848 Male Architect & Surveyor Lewisham Kent Lillette H. Mann Wife Married 30 abt 1851
Charles S. Mann Son   7 abt 1874 Scholar Deptford Kent
Neva M. Mann Daughter   6 abt 1875 Female Scholar Greenwich Kent
 Lillette M. Mann Daughter   4 abt 1877 Female Scholar Greenwich Kent
George H. Mann Son   2 abt 1879 Male Scholar Greenwich Kent
Caroline A. Mann Daughter   1 abt 1880 Female Scholar Greenwich Kent
Villas Septimas Robinson Father in Law Married 55 abt 1826 Male Metal Merchant Hackney Middlesex Martha Robinson Mother in Law Married 53 abt 1828 Female   London Middlesex Alice Attwood Servant.

Charles parents. Robert Mann and Leilette Harriott Robinson were married  7 September 1872 at  St John's Deptford, Kent. Leilette died in 1887 and Robert remarried  to Ellen, nee Harden, Morfee 18 April 1891 at St Jude, Peckham.

The NWKFHS Journal often has articles and photographs of families and individuals it is worth checking the indexes of the Journal at http://www.nwkfhs.org.uk/jcontent.htm copies of articles can also be ordered. Full details of how to order are on the web site.

POW photographs. During WWII The War Department of the Red Cross and St John War Oganization issued a Journal free of charge to the next of kin of POWs. Though names of the POWs were not given letters were published as well as photographs. The Prison camp was identified on all the photographs, like the one below taken from the September 1943 issue. Do you recognise anyone? By using the zoom button of your browswer you can increase the size of the photograph.

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