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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Free Memorial Inscription transcriptions and indexes and Free Tithe Awards and Schedules

There is a wealth of Information that can be searched for free of Memorial Inscriptions and Tithe records for Kent and South East London. If you have ancestors and families in South East London and Kent they are worth looking at.  

Memorial Inscriptions.

Kent Archaeological Society.

The Kent Archaeological provides a wealth of Information for Memorial Inscriptions for Churches in the North Kent area, including parts of South East London, and for other areas of Kent

The Memorial Inscription transcriptions and other notes were collected by Leland L Duncan and two people known as Bax And Rice. They cover a period of between the 1760's to 1923. We owe a debt of gratitude to these three, especially Leland Duncan for many of the Inscriptions they recorded are now faded and range from difficult to impossible to read. Even in Leland Duncan's time some were starting to fade and wear away.

Thanks to the Kent Archaeological Society we can now read  many of the Memorial Inscriptions and use them to find information and details about some of our Ancestors and families.

The Kent Archaeological Society Memorial Inscriptions can be found at http://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/Research/Libr/MIs/MIslist.htm

St Mary the Virgin, Horton Kirby. Head Stone starting to erode. Thanks to Kent Archaeological Society the inscription can be read. "George and Lydia infant son and daughter of Robert and Lydia RUSSELL ye son dy'd June 5th 1710, ye daughter May 20th 1711."
NWK Family History Society

The North West Kent Family History Society has, for now,  free to search transcripts of the Ladywell and Brockley Cemetery Memorial Inscriptions with the names of nearly 37,000 individuals buried there. You can search the transcripts at http://www.nwkfhs.org.uk/ladywell.htm

Tithe Awards and Schedules

Kent Archaeological Society.

The right to receive tithes was granted to the English churches as early as 855 AD. One tenth of the produce of a farm, small holding etc were payable to the Church. By 1835 this system ended with the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836 and tithes were replaced with a rent charge decided by a Tithe Commission. Tithe Commutation surveys were carried out from the 1830s to 1840s The records of land ownership or Tithe Files made by the Commission have in the large part survived and are a valuable resource for historians.

The Kent Archaeological Society, aided by local Societies and individuals, are in the process of placing transcriptions of the Tithe Schedules on their site. They have made tremendous progress with many Parishes online. If you have ancestors or family in the area of South East London and Kent this could provide you with invaluable information.

The tithe awards and schedules can be searched at http://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/Research/Maps/Maps%20intro.htm

The tithe maps that were produced by the Commission are not on the Kent Archaeological site They have been digitised and are available on a CD for £15 from the Centre for Kentish Studies, County Hall, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1XX  Tel: 01622 694363  Email: archives@kent.gov.uk .  The web site for the CKS is

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