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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Volunteers wanted to assist with data entry at the Society Library.

Volunteers wanted to assist with data entry and processing.
If you can use a computer and either EXCEL or ACCESS Microsoft software programs, you can help NWKFHS by volunteering to manage some of the many resources stored at the library.
Volunteer 1 – entry of family history data.

Can you enter data into spreads-sheets (Excel) or Access tables that look like spread-sheets?
Volunteer 2 – to draw up spread-sheets.

Can you draw up spread-sheets and format the cells for others to take them over and input the data?

Volunteer 3 – to use ACCESS and administer databases.

Can you use ACCESS databases?
Can you create tables for data entry?

Can you design queries and reports in ACCESS databases?

Training available for volunteers.

If you can volunteer on a regular basis and can already use WORD or other Microsoft programs, we can provide training in data entry and processing. These will be new transferrable skills you can use to advance your family history research.

Please contact the library@nwkfhs.org.uk or David at president@nwkfhs.org.uk.

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