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Friday, 17 November 2017

Syd Jordan Cartoons

If you or your parents played sport in the South East London area were they recorded by Syd Jordan. Syd Jordan who died in 1972 drew sketches of sportsmen from the local clubs.
It was seeing a cartoon of my father and his brother playing bowls for Woolwich Polytechnic (later know as Thames Poly and now Greenwich University) Bowls club who beat Bexleyheath Conservative Club that reminded me of these wonderful sketches. I'm fortunate that I too have a cartoon from my rugby playing days.
Syd was born in 1894 at Plumstead and died in 1972. His sketching started in 1919 for a Crayford works magazine before moving to work for the Kentish Times (The Mercury 27 November 1997).
He was not only a cartoonist but had been trained as an engineer working for Vickers during both world wars. In the 1920's he was the licensee of a pub in Bexleyheath.
If anyone else can add to Syd Jordan's biography or know where a collection of his sketches can be seen other than in old newspapers I would like to hear.


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