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Monday, 4 July 2016

Greenwich Park Wall Walk

As part of the normal workshop program this walk has been organised. Contact workshop.booking@nwkfhs.org.uk if you wish to attend.

The details for the walk on Monday 18th July is as follows.

The walk around Greenwich Park Wall is an effort to see the 400 year history of the Park, its wall and buildings that bisect it. Its a quick introduction to building construction so you can use it to help your family history research.
Please be aware the site slopes and the walk even by me cutting corners is a long walk. If one was to walk around the outside and then the inside its 4 miles but the intention is to cut through the park from one interesting area to the next talking about the history of the buildings and bricks as we go . I'm aiming for say 2 hours. Bring your own refreshments and water as warm weather may make the walk more tiring. If its raining bring an umbrella.

Meet at the War memorial on Maze Hill and Charlton Way corner for a 10.30 am start.
Suggest you bring a camera and notebook.
You can park for free off the residential roads of Vanbrugh Park and Westcombe Park Road but not in the residential permit areas. Parking in the park is expensive.
If you have any queries email us.


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  1. Hi Folks,
    There are no spare places on this walk.
    If you want it rerun then contact Victor at the workshop booking email address.