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Thursday, 11 February 2016

NWKFHS is lucky with its members

I'm surprised by the number of members of our society who have written books about the local area, trades and their families. From WW1 to deer parks, Villages (Igtham) to Watermen and Football clubs, its an amazing range of topics.

Now Sarah Ingle has written 'William Ince, cabinet maker 1737-1804, his life and ancestry. As some one who has cabinet-makers in the family I look forward to reading Sarah's book. My family did not warrant an entry in 'London Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 by Sir Ambrose Heal reprinted and published in 1988 by Portman books but Sarah's gets a large entry (p95).

William Ince was in partnership with John Mayhew at Marshall Street and Broad Street. John Mayhew was the grandfather of Henry Mayhew the author of 'London Labour, London Poor'.

Most families have interesting stories about the events, occupations and places their ancestors were involved in. Our Journal is the place to record these happens with an article, if you don't feel up to writing a book.


  1. As you say a fair number of our members have written books about our local area E.g. Jean Stirk and David Williams Ightham at the Cross Roads - the history of Ightham from prehistoric times to the present day. Iris E Heddle, Midst Cherry Orchards- brief history of the parish and people of Wilmington, near Dartford. Geoff Copus who has published so much on Watermen and Parish Records. They and many others have written articles in the NWKFHS Journal. The Society back journals with indexes of authors and subjects from 1979-2009 are available on the website.

    1. I meant to say Geoff Copus who has carried out a lot of work with Parish registers and Rob Cottrell who has published so much on Watermen and Parish Records...

  2. There is also Tony Brown on Dartford Football Club. Susan Pittman on Lullingstone. Colin Willard on 'James Henry Wilson A Sailor and Soldier of the First World War'. David Williams on the village of Seal. I'm sure I've forgotten a few but if anyone knows their names please let us know.