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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Family History is more than just family

Family history is more than just family, the research may involve local and industrial history. In seeking why families move may be for work reasons and that brings into question what occupations are sustained by the location. Lack of work would dictate a move to new employment or perhaps even the reason for joining the Army or Navy.
To help with this knowledge in addition to belonging to a family history society you may also join a local history society. Alternatively an occupation society such as 'Tools and Trades Historical Society' (TATHS) or the British Brick Society (BBS).
These societies like NWKFHS produce a journal, example today I received both the NWKFHS December edition Vol. 13 No 12 and Eden Valley Heritage Newsletter Number 29 the Journal of the Eden Valley Museum.
Lots of interesting articles to read over the coming days.

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