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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

NWKFHS runs workshops at its Library

Had an interesting morning at the Society Library today attending the 'Writing Family History' workshop lead by Pauline Heathcote. It was an interesting discussion on how you could write up your family history.

Todays challenge for me was how to write family history that is interesting rather just a list of names and dates.
At the end of the workshop Pauline left us with a challenge 'What are you going to achieve as a result of this workshop?'
Guess what my response is, 'I'm going to write a family history blog'.

Can I challenge you now, 'are you now going to write a comment to this blog?'

If you want to learn about researching your family history there are a number of workshops that teach not only the basics but also give tips for the more experienced researchers. See http://www.nwkfhs.org.uk/workshops.htm. All the workshops can be rerun if there is any interest in them. Just get in touch with workshops@nwkfhs.org.uk. If you have an idea for a new topic then Victor would be very happy to hear. Use the same email address.

The Challenge is on.

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