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Friday, 19 December 2014

Update: Cudham, Bromley Kent 18th and 19th Century Documents - further 7 documents obtained

Update - Cudham, Bromley Kent 18th and 19th Century Documents a further 7 have been obtained by NWKFHS.

Deeds relating to properties in Cudham, Kent came up for sale during 2014 and concerned that they would be sold and dispersed, an  appeal was launched to raise funds enable the Society to to purchase them. Since then a further 7 documents have been obtained

The appeal was successful and sufficient funds were raised to be able to purchase some 30 Deeds/Indentures ranging in date from the 1720's to the 1850's. 

The Society regards them as an important part of the history of the area, they name individuals and families and the ownership of some of the land from the early 1700's. 

In August 2014 we held an 'Open Day' at the Library where Society members and others had an opportunity to view 23 of the documents.

There is an indexing project being carried out and copies of the Deeds/Indentures are available at the Library for any one to see/use in their research. The originals can be viewed by arrangement with the Society Librarian. The 7 new documents are in the process of being copied.

Further details of the documents including the principle names of individuals can be found at NWKFHS Cudham Documents

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