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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Lloyd’s of London Captains Registers Index-Free online. LMA Welcomes Your Questions. Exhibition exploring Bexhill on Sea in the First World War for 2014. Tenterden Museum, Kent WWI Exhibition Friday 18th April to Sunday 5th October 2014

The Lloyd’s of London Captains Registers Index has been completed and is available free online.

The LMA’s longest running project (1992-2014) the indexing of the Lloyd’s of London Captains Registers, 1869-1911 has been completed. The Registers give details of the careers of 68,824 captains and/or mates and certificate number on vessels whose voyage details were transmitted to Lloyd's of London. They can give a considerable amount of information about individual captains and their careers.

The indexes give place and date of birth and certificate number. If you wish to see the Registers you can either see them at the London Metropolitan Archives or use their copying service to order them.

The details of the project and how to search the Indexes can be found at Lloyd's Captains Indexes 
an Information leaflet on the Captains Registers can be downloaded (pdf) at Information leaflet no:50

LMA Welcomes Your Questions!

Until November 2014 the LMA are seeking questions about workhouse and poor relief records. LMA receives around 25,000 enquiries a year but most of the answers are only seen by one or two people.

The LMA newsletter readers are to be given a chance to peek inside their email answering service by inviting enquiries on a particular topic. They will publish the most interesting questions and answers in the next newsletter

To find out more about how to submit questions go to LMA Questions If you wish to join the Mailing List details can be found at the bottom of the page at LMA Mailing List

Tenterden Museum, Tenterden, Kent WWI Exhibition Friday 18th April to Sunday 5th October 2014.

Memorabilia from the museum collection to complement a large display of artefacts found on the battlefields of the Somme and Ypres, on loan from a private collector.  There is also detailed information on a fallen soldier from each of the 10 villages surrounding Tenterden and 2 from the town of Tenterden.  The exhibition has many other rarely seen artefacts recovered over the years from the trenches. Tenterden Museum

Temporary exhibition exploring Bexhill on Sea in the First World War for 2014.
Bexhill Museum is holding an Exhibition from Monday 3 February until Sunday 7 December 2014 Exploring Bexhill’s contribution to the Great War, and discovering what life was like for soldiers, nurses, refugees and civilians in the resort, during the war. Bexhill on Sea

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