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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Online WWI memorial to the men of Swanscombe, Kent . Canterbury Cathedral Books and manuscripts digitally available to researchers. Canterbury Archives Sharing Histories exhibition.

Online WWI memorial to the men of Swanscombe, Kent 
The site is dedicated to the men of Swanscombe who gave their lives in the service of this country during the first world war. There are currently 108 names and Chris Hester is slowly going through the list, adding what biographical details he can from sources such as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission,  census data, military records etc.  he would like to add personal information if possible such as photos or stories from the front in letters home. If you have any information relating to any men from Swanscombe who served during the First World War please clink on the link for contact form
The site can be found at Swanscombe Memorial   
Canterbury Cathedral: Books and manuscripts have been made digitally available to researchers. A collaborative project involving Canterbury Archives, University of Kent and researchers in Rouen.

"Known as DocExplore, the project aims to develop an interactive system which allows digitised versions of valuable historical documents to be explored via a touchscreen, simulating, as far as possible, the experience of accessing the physical object itself. But users can see much more than the document – they can access translations and transcriptions, read more about the period in which it was written, its contents and who would have used it at the time by using the additional text, image, sound and video resources that are a feature of the system. DocExplore will also capture the knowledge and expertise of the Archive’s staff by allowing them easily to present any available digitised document".

Canterbury Archives is holding a Sharing Histories exhibition in the reading room on 13th-14th September 2013 10.00-16.00 details are at  Canterbury Cathedral  more details can also be found at BBC News and  docExplore  and docexplore press release (pdf file).

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