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Monday, 29 July 2013

WWI Anniversday and the NWKFHS: Commonwealth War Graves Photographic Project. The Royal Arsenal, Woolwich – information to become available. Publications and Projects.

Like many other Societies The NWKFHS is starting preparations to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI.

Throughout 2014 the Society Journal will be running articles and stories under the banner of World War 1 Commemoration. If you have any stories of any of your family during WWI in the NWKFHS, a soldier, Civilian, or how it affected your family you consider sending them into the Editor of our Journal for consideration. We would love to see as many stories as possible published. The Editor can be contacted through the NWKFHS website

As a Society we are taking part in Commonwealth War Graves Photographic Project. Volunteers from Dartford, Bromley and Sevenoaks Branches are photographing, in some cases, re-photographing all Memorial Stones for service men and women and civilian war deaths including private burial stones within our area.

The photographs will be provided to the CWGPP and used by them on their web site, just as importantly it will give the CWGPP the current condition of the stones.

The Royal Arsenal, Woolwich – information to become available

a Member who worked for the Woolwich Arsenal for many years discovered that when the Arsenal closed many tons of paperwork was being destroyed. He was able to save some that he thought were worthwhile keeping. The information relating to part of this material is as follows.

A list of 1st World War (1914-18) disabled who were employed at the Arsenal during the period 1936 to 1945. This database includes name, date of birth, clock & centre number, date of birth, date employed and nature of disability. There are over 800 names.

2. A list of air raid casualties during the 2nd World War (1941-1945). This database gives name, address, hospital they were taken to and injury. There are over 500 names.

3. The Arsenal had its own doctor’s surgery and medical staff were able to do operations on site. The data base is for 1906 and has over 500 names. The information includes name, age, case number, department they worked in and ‘concern’. Typical were ruptures, hernias, splinters, appendicitis etc. The doctor would also come out to the home if the employee lived within 3 miles of the arsenal.

4. Some 40 photographs of children’s parties held in the arsenal during the 1950s. No one is identified.

The information is in the process of ‘tidying’ and he would like to make the above information readily available to all but before he does so would welcome enquiries to give him an idea of its precision. He would like enquiries to go in the first instance by e-mail to Publications and Projects who will pass them on.

Some Society Publications that have become recently available:

Bexley Metropolitan Asylum District Board Minutes 1890-1930. and Bexley Asylum Minute Book, 1901-39.

Asylum District Board Minutes 1890-1930: An index to 38 volumes regarding asylums, hospitals, schools, organisations, some personnel and many other topics across what was Greater London at that time. Bexley Asylum Minute Books 1901-1939: this is an index of some 12,000 names of patients, staff and contractors.

Details of these and other publications can be found at  Publications  The progress of other NWKFHS projects can be found at Society Projects

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