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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

NWKFHS-Society Library closed 13th-24 August, 2012. Female Convict Research Centre Database:1803-1853.

NWKFHS-Society Library closed 13th-24 August, 2012.

Due to work being carried out by Kent County Council over the period Monday the 13th until Friday the 24 August 2012 the Society Library will be closed. The Society Library will re open Wednesday 29th August 2012. Information about the Library can be found at NWKFHS Library.

Female Convict Research Centre Database:1803-1853.

Female convicts were transported to Tasmania (Van Diemen's Land)  from 1803 to 1853, when transportation to Van Diemen's Land ceased. Many of those convicted of crimes in the UK, which at the time included southern Ireland were transported to the colonies. This site concentrates on the women who were sent to Tasmania. 

At Tasmanian Female Convicts  You can download details of the women who were transported which also contain information about the ship they were transported on, their age and when known where in the UK they were convicted.

The Centre is currently trying to connect the female convicts who were transported to Van Diemen's Land with their birth and marriage families in the UK and their descendants in Australia. They are searching for gaol and trial records and newspaper stories about the women.  You can if you wish become a member of the website (which is Free)

They are currently transcribing all the records that can be accessed in Australia into a database, bringing together the woman, her family and all records pertaining to her. They are appealing for volunteers who reside in the UK to help in researching the lives of some of the convict women in British  records  Family historians and academics will use this to help them better understand the female experience of the convict system.

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