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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Proposed merger of Bexley and Bromley Library services. New Records to be available free on The National Archives website in 2012.First World War and Army of Occupation War Diaries to be digitised.

Proposed merger of Bexley and Bromley Library services.

The Federation of Family History Societies has reported on a meeting held by the Archives for London (AfL)AGM which was followed by a seminar entitled London's Local Archives - the Shape of Things to Come on the  on 8 September 2011.   Amongst the subjects covered was the proposed merger of Bexley and Bromley library services.  The plan seems to be to streamline back office functions while minimising changes to front line services. Though exactly what this means is not clear. Will Branches close?

In December 2010 it was announced that responsibility for museums and libraries would be transferred to the Arts Council England (ACE), with no mention of what would happen to archives.  It was not until April 2011 that the new role for TNA was confirmed.
TNA’s goal will be to create a stronger sector in tough times taking note of:
The unique statutory position which requires archives to be maintained and access provided. The essential local legacy.  The fact that archives are often at minimum sustainable level already. Looking for partners that can work together.

We will have to wait and see what this really means.

New record images to be available free on the The National Archives in 2012.

The The National Archives  has scanned the following documents:

The Foreign Office card index to correspondence 1906-20 (FO 1111, over 500 drawers of cards).
The printed books of Foreign Office indexes to correspondence 1920-1953, 1959 (FO 409, over 140 volumes)
The Dominions Office card index to correspondence 1925-1947 (un-accessioned, c. 80 drawers of cards)

It is planned that by March / April 2012 the scanned images will be made available free on the TNA website, including a working ‘reference convertor’ programme to convert old references in the indexes to TNA references. New updates will go onto the website by the end of September.

Other plans include WO95 ( First World War and Army of Occupation War Diaries)  to be digitised to commemorate the centenary of the 1st WW, with extra search fields to be included in the catalogue.   Full details to be announced around Remembrance Day.

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